So as a parent, when I take my daughter into any medical provider’s office, [00:10:45] I expect a few things.  I expect it to be warm, I expect the staff to welcome not only me but my child which I find is really important especially if she is the patient.  I want them to be comfortable, I want them to be [00:11:00] comfortable talking to my child. I find that to be really important not just the physician, but the team members that are involved in her care or her treatment whether it’s the person at the front desk, or the person bringing the child back to see the doctor.  I expect [00:11:15] the office to be clean, I expect it to be warm and welcoming. I also expect them to be accessible, which I think as healthcare has evolved over the last even five or 10 years has changed somewhat.  I think it’s [00:11:30] really amazing that we can still provide patients with access to our doctors at the drop of a dime.  So if a patient calls and they want to speak with me I’m available.  And that’s been something that’s always been very important [00:11:45] to me and will continue to be very important to me.  Because if I have a concern about my daughter, I want to be able to talk to someone about it.


And sometimes just a conversation, some reassurance from a doctor can really put a parent at ease.  Whether that’s [00:12:00] during the day, an after-hours emergency, whatever that may be, we’re here and we’re available.  


I think the way healthcare has gone today, which I have noticed with some of my own doctors’ appointments or my husband’s or my child’s or my [00:12:15] parents, I think that people may not expect that they get to speak with me.  And I think they expect to be punted to whatever team member might be able to fill that question.

[00:12:30] But I want parents to be aware that I am available and I want people to know that.  I don’t want people to feel that they can’t get in touch with their child’s dentist I think that’s so important.

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