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As a parent, when I take my daughter into any medical provider’s office, I expect a few things. I hope it to be warm, and I expect the staff to welcome not only me but my child. I find it vital for my child to feel welcome, especially if she is the patient. I want them to be comfortable talking to my child and me. I find it essential that the physician and team members are courteous in her care or treatment.  

I expect the office to be clean, warm, and welcoming. I also expect them to be accessible, which I think has changed as healthcare has evolved over the last five or ten years. I think it’s fantastic that we can still provide patients with access to our doctors at the drop of a dime. So if a patient calls and wants to speak with me, I’m available. And that’s been something that’s always been very important to me and will continue to be. If I have a concern about my daughter, I want to talk to someone about it. Often just a conversation and some reassurance from a doctor can put a parent at ease. Whether that’s during the day, an after-hours emergency, whatever that may be, we’re here, and we’re available.  

I think the way healthcare has gone today, which I have noticed with some of my own doctors’ appointments or my husband’s or my child’s or my parents, people may not expect that they get to speak with me. And I think they expect to be punted to whatever team member might be able to fill that question. But I want parents to be aware that I am available, and I want people to know that. I don’t want people to feel that they can’t get in touch with their child’s dentist; I think that’s so important.

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