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Meet Dr. Emily

Diplomate, American Board of Pediatric Dentistry

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Compassionate Pediatric Dental Care in New Jersey.

Hospital Dental Visits

Because of our unique associations with The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and Virtua Hospital in Southern New Jersey, we are able to see patients in a hospital setting. This allows us to compassionately and effectively address complex cases with very minimal impact on a child's wellbeing and happiness!

"Quality care is so important to me. I obsess over making sure every child walks out the door having had an amazing experience here."

Dr. Emily | Pediatric Dentist, CHOP Attending Physician, Virtua Section Chief Pediatric Dentistry, Mom

Center for Pediatric Dental Health

Hospital Pediatric Dentistry

It’s not entirely uncommon for patients who have other medical issues, young children with numerous cavities, or patients with behavioral concerns to require specialized care inside a hospital setting.

Dr. Emily has received training specifically in hospital dentistry which allows her to understand the complexities of her patients’ needs and healthcare goals.

Meet Dr. Emily Eilerman
Center for Pediatric Dental Health

Highly-Trained, Skilled Doctors and Dentists

Because of the unique challenges hospital dentistry can present, sometimes a doctor of medicine, an anesthesiologist, and a specialized dentist are required.

The beautiful thing about working with so many highly-trained, skilled professionals is that we are all able to minimize discomfort, fear, and anxiety a child feels about complex dental care. Dr. Emily’s training in hospital dentistry is another way our office is able to provide exceptional care in a compassionate way.

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Comprehensive, Quality Dental Care Matters!

Quality care isn't only our job, it's our passion!

For us, quality goes beyond just your child’s high level of care. Quality is something we obsess over to ensure that every child we see has an exceptional experience.

It means using high-end materials, taking allergies into account, using equipment that maximizes a comfort, and, of course, constantly continuing our office’s education.

Why Quality Matters.

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