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Great Bosses Can Be Great Dentists, But Not All Great Dentists Can Be Great Bosses. We Really Lucked Out!

As we talked through all the things we love about Dr. Emily and Dr. Kristianne on Boss’s Day, one thing, in particular, stood out to us. They’re both incredibly talented at taking care of our patients and making kids feel safe, loved, and supported in a fun, warm, positive environment. But they also do the same for us, and that’s not something we take for granted. To two bosses who truly go above and beyond not only for our patients but our work-family, as well: Happy Boss’s Day! We love you!

Why I think Dr. Emily Is The Best…

“She has such a positive attitude that the whole team can feel :)”

“I really appreciate how kind and approachable she is! I was so nervous when I first started because I have never worked in a doctor’s office before, but she is so easy to talk to.”

“Hearing her with patients, how awesome she is communicating with them. You can feel the love!”

“She always thanks us after we are done with a patient, and I really appreciate that. Those little moments mean a lot.”

“I love Dr. Emily because she is funny, has great time management, and is so fast!”

“She just amazing! I couldn’t imagine working for anyone else!”

“Her positivity and motivation to push through every day.”

“The obvious love and passion for what she does and for everyone around her is one of the many reasons I love working with Dr. Emily. Being around such a strong, passionate, happy, and hardworking individual who loves her job and appreciates her team is one of the absolute best things.”

“If Dr. Emily were an animal, I think she would have to be a Dung Beetle. I KNOW how it sounds but she is so tough to have gotten through everything she has been through, and this insect is not only the world’s strongest insect but also the strongest animal on the planet. Dr. Emily’s strength is incredible.”

“Disagree. Dr. Emily would be a lion — she takes care of the pack, she’s a leader and her courage.”

“I cannot say enough about Dr. Emily. I knew I would never leave here the first time we helped a non-verbal patient who was in pain with no insurance have treatment done in the OR pro bono — and the child came in smiling for the first time 🙂 Em is a special, kind-hearted person.”

“Dr. Emily makes you calm and fixes every situation.”

“I have learned so much about patient management, staying calm in tough situations, and time management from her!”

“I think she’s made an impact on a ton of people, but the fact that she does multiple CHOP cases pro bono — and it’s because she truly cares about their health!”

“She’s just honestly a great person, who is trying to do the best for everyone!”

“Nothing scares her! She can do anything and everything!”

“Dr.Emily constantly reminds me how important it is to do what you love and love what you do. She is one of the smartest women I have ever met and she works so hard, has the biggest heart, and is an all-around amazing person. I am proud to be a part of her team!”

“Dr. Emily is amazing for facing this past year with so much courage and strength. She has shown me every day what it means to be fearless and resilient. She puts the needs of her patients before her own and that is something that I will never forget and always strive to do. I am so grateful to learn and grow from her, both personally and professionally. She has been the role model that I never knew I needed.”

Why I think Dr. Kristianne Is The Best…

“I love our morning stretches, and I appreciate the compassion.”

“Dr. K is kind-hearted and always up for a challenge!”

“She always has a solution!”

“She is always making sure we are all okay :)”

“Dr. Kristianne cares so much for her patients! She is so kind and compassionate!”

“Besides the fact that Dr.K always has me laughing… I also love working with Dr.K because she loves to teach you about things that you wish to understand better, that you want to know better, or anything that you may want to become more familiar with. I feel like I have gone to Dr.K with numerous questions (probably too many) and I always walk away with the answer and so much more information that I didn’t know before. I truly love learning from her; she’s the best!”

“When she was dressed as a dinosaur for her welcome video I knew she would fit in perfectly!”

“Dr. K is always thorough with the parents or kids and making sure they understand and answering any questions they have or trying to figure out tricky cases.”

“Dr.K has taught me a lot. She is constantly a prime example of how important it is to stay cool, calm, and collected in any situation possible in order to power through it and always put your best foot forward and I LOVE HER FOR THAT!”

“Dr.K amazes me with how incredible she is chairside! The amount of giggles that I hear (within the screams LOL) really do melt my heart. Dr. K’s laugh is contagious, how couldn’t she make everyone else around her laugh too?”

“Dr. Emily and Dr. Kristianne both inspire me to be better every day. They have shown us time and time again what it means to be a strong woman. Their commitment to their patients and our team is something that I will always admire. It is an honor to work alongside them!”

Happy Boss’s Day!!

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