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We Think You'll Love Our New Videos

The videos on our new site have been made especially for our patients, and we wanted to highlight a video today that expresses the compassionate philosophy behind Dr. Emily’s Pediatric Dental Care.

Our patients are clearly not just a smile. In our videos, we want you to hear that they are part of our family, and our amazing team considers it a privilege to build relationships with them. It’s such an honor to do what we get to do together, especially in such a space as in our offices, where children experience a safe place that is also full of fun!

You’ll see how Dr. Emily expresses the importance of her training at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, where she has experienced care for a wide spectrum of patients. You can also listen to the heart Dr. Emily has behind making a place for everyone to receive the care they need! We want you to feel confident that your children will grow up with a healthy smile, and to hear it in Dr. Emily’s own words is pretty special.

Design, video, photo, and branding by Clear Partnering Group.