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Every six months your child should come to see us for a checkup and cleaning.

The reason for this is because it helps us to spot potential problems in terms of bone development in the jaw, whether or not your child might need braces in a few years, or any other problems that might arise.

That’s why we do X-rays and give your child’s mouth a thorough look when they come in. Most children love to see the X-rays of their teeth and we like taking them because it is a thorough and non-invasive way of spotting potential problems. We’re also on the look-out for potential issues of the gums while we do the cleaning.

In addition to the observations, we also take time to educate both you and your child in proper oral health techniques like brushing and flossing. We love it when these precious littles get into their own regular habits of brushing and flossing their chompers – we want them to develop habits that will save them pain and money down the road when they are grown-ups!

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