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Why are we obsessed with quality care?

For us, quality care means that we’re treating your children the exact same way we would our own kids.  Dr. Emily has definitely been accused of perfectionism many times, and there’s no doubt that quality care is something we lose sleep over here!

Quality means prioritizing continuing education and making sure that our team researches and chooses very specific and safe materials to use in her in our dental office. We want every parent to know that we are aware of exactly what’s going into their children’s mouths.

Not only is quality-care integral to Dr. Emily’s profession, but it is absolutely her passion!  When your child comes to the Center for Pediatric Dental Health, it’s our job and duty to make sure that every child leaves here not only happy and healthy but also having had an amazing experience.

It’s an honor to treat our wonderful patients and their families. It's a privilege our team takes very seriously. That's why quality matters so much to us.

We’d be honored if you’d take just a moment and listen to Dr. Emily talk about why she’s so passionate about quality!

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